Kazu receives Kenzi Valentyn Vision Research Trainee Grant.

Congratulations Kazuya Oikawa, BVSc, a graduate student in the Comparative Biomedical Science Program who has been named by the McPherson Eye Research Institute as one of two recipients of the 2019  Kenzi Valentyn Vision Research Trainee Grants.He will be advancing understanding of “Optic nerve head neuroinflammation in a spontaneous large animal model of glaucoma.” 

This year the grants have been renamed in honor of Kenzi Valentyn’s courage and positive attitude throughout her long battle with Kearns-Sayre syndrome, a degenerative disease with symptoms including vision loss, which ended with her passing at age 30 in March 2017. Her many friends and family members have ridden in Cycle for Sight as “Kenzi’s Team” since 2014. 

Please visit https://vision.wisc.edu/cycle/ to find out more about Cycle for Sight!